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Not exactly the books I chose — but they look like this on my ipad

Dear friends and readers,

Yet another trip, this time to Los Angeles, to the ASECS conference. I’ve kept myself busy preparing for all the things I had to do before I leave, and catching up when I return. I travel light, one bag on wheels so I won’t have to check it, and I will rely on my ipad for reading (I downloaded literally thousands of pages from its Store” onto a “Library” program) for all but three slim paperbacks (as backup), real writing pads to write my lectures for when I get back (for the Poldark and Barsetshire novels). My paper is a paper copy — I bring 3 copies stashed in different places. It’s but 5 pages. I look forward to joining in a book club with 3 friends on Saturday night. I will miss my pussycats and they me but will meet one of my friend’s 3 pussycats.


Despite all avowals, I did accept another book to review, one I couldn’t resist, on Chardin’s genre pictures: Pastiche, Fashion, and Galanterie in Chardin’s Genre Subjects: Looking Smart by Paula Radisich. I don’t usually think of him as painting the gay rococo world of the aristocracy, but here is one of his gestures in this direction: A Lady Sealing a Letter:


I’ve rejoined the Trollope Society and will go briefly to NYC in May to hear John Wirenius speak of his Phineas at Bay, which we read together on our Trollope19thCStudies list. I’m to teach Framley Parsonage at the OLLI at Mason in June and the first week of July. Yvette and I have now planned and booked our Belgium trip this coming September to include Torquay and another visit to a friend for a couple of days.


I’m into the Third Week of another Future Learn: Much Ado About Nothing in performance it’s called, but it’s about how the dark interpretation of it is the half-adequate one. I’ve sent away to Netflix for Shakespeare Re-done, which includes this play reworked in modern language, brought up to date with contemporary attitudes, Damien Lewis excellent as a slightly darkly brooding Benedick, and at long last Billie Piper rightly cast as an angry Hero.

Time keeps moving on. Each moment follows the one before, inexorable. I remember Dylan Thomas about time holding us all in its chains. Even after we are dead and live on in the memories of those who miss us.

Miss Drake


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