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May Day.

Listening to this tune on NPR this morning,

How was it we permitted these people to do such cruel things to such a good gentle man? had we at least put it off, we might have decided not to. Maybe the characters in Our Cancer Year were right.

Maybe my mistake was to hope or believe in anything any of these people said at all. I should have taken what must’ve been his underlying first attitude, and became it again when he went into his two weeks of rage when he understood the cancer had metastasized into his liver, before he then just resigned himself to dying as quickly as he could. I should have scheduled a trip, treated the doctors and medical people and hospice hypocrites with the implicit derision they deserved.

Read an article in the recent New Yorker, “Prescription for Disaster” by Rachel Aviv, about a man arrested for selling these dangerous pain medications — to medicaid people mostly no one would treat because they couldn’t make enough money. I put these Duragesic patches on Jim’s neck for weeks and weeks until his skin was burnt away; I had a bottle of that Percocet, he took that fentanyl. Dr Schneider is put in jail for a long time and the rest of the medical establishment carries on. The use made of the DEA is worth paying attention to here too. Don’t let anyone find too much of these “controlled substances” in your body — never can tell if DMV will get wind of it.

No one could probably get funding or distribution for an adequately sardonic movie about what modern American medicine is or these cancer treatments and the death is.

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