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From the New Yorker cover, March 25th, 2013

Gentle reader,

The wheels, cables, and ladder are a joke (in case you were in any doubt).

What I remember most vividly from Sex and the City (the 2008 movie, original book Candace Bushnell, directed & written by Michael Patrick King, crowd-produced) was Carrie Bradshaw’s black high heels, they were like a series of belts tightly woven around her foot, foot as bound prisoner, and they had a sort of buckle that was redolent of chains. In the still I remember the He (Chris Noth as Mr Big or Ken Doll) is leaning down over (Sarah Jessica Parker), he ever so much taller and heavier, as she reaches up those thin arms to him to embrace him.

This is not that but it will do:

Lean-in all right — Sometimes she’s wearing this tight flimsy very white dress — to highlight the black shoes. Notice the handbag

Another cover by a woman illustrator for the New Yorker, again Ana Paul, the hypocritical vacuous title is Art and Architecture but we all know self-torture when we see it, as in the March 25th, 2013 cover (above) without the logo.

Ana Paul has been best known for her


Female snob replacement. A couple of days ago I reprinted her “canine coutures.”

A friend of mine used to call these super-high heels CHFM (come hither fuck me) shoes. They flatter a woman’s slender ankle and rounded calve (if she has these in conventional ways), and I suppose along with that is the underlying enactment of dependence, and waiting, standing there, or tottering along …



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