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If they knew how such statements made to me hurt, would they stop saying it? I know I should refuse to let them get me down.

Perfect writing space?

Renee Zellweger as Beatrice Potter filled with delight, contemplative over her writing and drawing

Now I used to think such statements were made by people within the world’s coteries (however many there are), but especially journalistic ones which are threatened by the Internet? The one useful perception Perry Anderson has had is that those who write for daily reviews often differ from those who write books and for academic style or belletristic journals in that daily reviewers are those who got their job by immediate social contacts first and foremost and thus are hostile to other kinds of excellence and experience, extraverts not introverts. The terms themselves are loaded with prejudice, with introvert having the decided negativity. What if we said people with rich inner life who appreciate this in others?

As I’ve said so often before, I’ve created a new relatively contented and fulfilled life through and on the Net. This morning I have 3 papers for conferences to write and of course therefore the conferences to go to; 3 reviews; 2 possible papers for a coming collection on TV mini-series (one just about a sure thing if I can write it). I’m doing an edition of Smith’s Ethelinde for Valancourt. If all the people I write as talk to are not my friends and acquaintances, what are they? I had almost no one before 1990. What word would or do they use for their relationship to me? not just those who’ve met me face-to-face, admittedly a two digit percentage at most beginning with a 2 in comparison to all those I know.


Ultimately Yvette’s job comes from the Net. It was here I learned about JSSA and our local Jewish Community Center’s programs for Aspergers adults and people on the autism. Here I and Wendy kept up communications as we waited that long year of waiting out before Yvette began there. Are the millionaires of Facebook or whatever not rich? Are the 216 friends on Facebook most of whom I actually know not there? Aspergers Adults of DC? (where I’ve gone to a few meetings but the best help has been interchanges on line). Most recently non-prescription medicine for sleep which has little side-effects as long as you don’t take it too often: melantonin.

Every so often a whole new area of knowledge is opened to me — new information on areas I had. Now I know all about undated books and from no less authority than Wm St Clair. Is DemocracyNow.org nothing? Amy Goodman is dedicating her life to getting that news of hers into podcasts on the Net.

The Admiral who is so much cleverer than me with quips, successfully scotches these comments with ironies and truths about what is reality, but he is asleep just now so I can’t consult him. When he gets up again in the morning, I’ll have one to conclude this blog with.

South American friends: capybara and pussycat

Several hours later he came up with “Books are not life, but then what is?” But I wanted something stronger. Something more in the vein of how I love writing and reading letters and find my communications with others this way far more satisfying than face-to-face.



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